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Five Stages of Nursing Theory and Philosophy NU 500 UNIT 1 June 6, 2012 Jeanne Greer, RN Saint Joseph's University Five Stages of Nursing Theory and Philosophy Nursing has made phenomenal achievement in the last century that has led to the recognition of nursing as an academic discipline and a profession. According to Fawcett (1980), a move towards theory-based practice has made nursing meaningful (p. 10). When talking about nursing theory development, it is important to identify the stages that nursing theory development has gone through to define and guide nursing practice. It is widely believed that the use of theory offers structure and organization to nursing knowledge. George (2002) defined theory as “a set…show more content…
This stage focuses on the importance and need for nursing education. After World War II more hospitals were built which created a larger need for nurses thus creating a nursing shortage. In addition a mandatory licensure requirement and testing for nursing created the need for nursing education. This education created an interest and curiosity to understand nursing practice. The third stage is subjective knowledge. This stage focuses on defining nursing and beginning to develop theories. In 1960’s, nurse leaders began to develop and publish their philosophy and view of nursing. These descriptions of nursing and nursing modes evolved from their personal, professional and educational experiences (McEwen &Wills 2007). The next stage is procedural knowledge. Procedural knowledge includes both separate and connected knowledge with difficulty attaching theory to practice. In 1970 the nursing profession viewed itself as a scientific discipline evolving toward a theoretically based practice focusing on the client. During this time many nursing theorists such as Orem, King, and Neuman published their beliefs and ideas. These theorists were often idealists and nurses had a difficult time applying their theories to what was actually happening in practice (McEwen &Wills 2007). The last stage is constructed knowledge which integrates intuition, reason and self knowledge with a shift from all encompassing

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