Nursing Theorist Grid: Ida Orlando Essay

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Nursing Theorist Grid: Ida Orlando Use grid below to complete the Week 4-Nursing Theorists assignment. Please see the “Nursing Theorists’ Grading Criteria” document, located on the Materials page of the student Web site. Name: Theorist Selected: Ida Orlando Description of Theory: Ida Orlando developed the deliberative nursing theory process in response to the nurse’s interpretation of client behavior. According to Orlando, the deliberative nursing process has five stages; assessment, diagnosis, planning, implementation, and evaluation. The assessment phase is a holistic assessment approach using subjective and objective data about the client. In the diagnosis stage (Nursing Theory, 2011), clinical…show more content…
| How does this concept relate to nursing education? | Orlando’s theories assert that the client is a unique individual whose behavior is a cry for help. Behavior may be verbal or non-verbal. The nurse investigates the behavior and explores the meaning of the behavior. A caveat is that the client’s behavior may not clearly demonstrate the nature of the distress but must be considered as a plea for help (Schmieding, 1990). It is the nurse’s responsibility to engage the client to determine the needs and verify that the actions are helpful (Schmieding, 1990). Searching for meaning in the patient’s action is critical to the nursing process and practice. | In their article “Putting Power in Nurses Hands”, authors Potter and Tinker (2000) describe an example of how Orlando’s theory is put into practice. The scenario they describe relates to assessing patient anxiety. In this anecdote, the nurse observes a patient wringing his hands. She identifies her perceptions which is that the patient is anxious. The nurse then asks the patient clarifying question about the patients observed behavior. If the patient affirms anxiety, the nurse explores ways to decrease distress. The nurse then validates whether or not the anxiety has decreased. | The deliberative nursing process is an important foundation to nursing education. Orlando’s theories are one of the most effective in helping nursing students to assess a client’s needs. Nursing assessment is

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