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Nursing Theorist Grid 1. Theorist Selected: Jean Watson 2. Description of key points of the theory: • In Watson’s philosophy of human caring she developed carative factors. She uses the word carative to classify nursing and medicine. The carative factors aim at the caring process. There are 10 carative factors each one involving a lived experience from all involved in the relationship, including the nurse. • Watson described a need for transpersonal caring relationship. This is defined as a relationship between the nurse and patient, in which the relationship affects both. The patient and the nurse are both open and accepting of each other. • Watson’s theory emphasized on the caring moment. She describes this as spending…show more content…
Keeping the environment to a calm atmosphere promotes healing. Educating nurses and nursing students to be prepared to care for patients as a whole, as well as educating nurses on the importance of being non-judgmental, will make building a trusting relationship with the patient leisurelier. Nurses are taught earlier in nursing school the importance of caring for a patient and keeping their environments comfortable. Students and nurses who are taught to practice Watson’s theory, gain education that is focused on caring as its center. It is not only important for the nurse to practice what they are taught but to also educate the patient. Watsons theory of caring applies to most nursing research. Almost all nursing research involves the caring model. A variety of research has been achieved with its focus on caring and nursing. Caring or not caring can have both positive and negative consequences. Research has proven that the biogentic level, the deepest level of a caring relationship, was in connection with true caring. This level of caring is related to the transpersonal caring theory. Research also shows that the level of non-caring, known as the biocidic level, leads to annoyance, frustration, and non-healing (Watson 2006). Health The harmony and peace within the mind, body, and the soul. She defined health as the similarity between the alleged self and the self that is known. Nursing Nursing Is a caring and meaningful bond that

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