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Nursing Theorist: Betty Neuman Nursing Theorist: Betty Neuman Intro Nursing theories are the basic concepts that define nursing practice and provide the explanation to why nurses do what they do. Nurses are exposed to theories everyday in clinical practice. During any given day, a nurse will utilize multiple nursing theories. These theories guide how a nurse treats patients, how tasks are performed, assessments completed and interventions established. By studying nursing theory, it allows the nurse to sharpen critical thinking skills. One such theorist is Betty Neuman. Betty Neuman Educational background and career path Used widely in today’s nursing, Betty Neuman began developing her system many years ago. In 1947 she…show more content…
One of the goals is to increase the prevention behaviors in persons at high risk for diabetes with pre-diabetes. Three of the goals the healthy people initiative will be measuring are: increasing the patient’s physical activity levels, decreasing the fat and calories in the patient’s diet, and trying to increase the proportion of patient’s trying to lose weight. ("Healthy people 2020," “n.d.”, Diabetes D-16) As the nurse considers interventions and goals, there are many factors to consider. The patient’s education level, access to care, family support, spiritual support, and willingness to accept the diagnosis will greatly affect the outcome. Increasing the prevention behaviors for those at risk for diabetes affects society as a whole and individually when looking at the client system. Nurses can help the patient to identify stressors that may impact their ability to meet the goals. The primary prevention as intervention increases the highest point of health for the patient at this time. The patient can collaborate with nursing and dieticians to help reduce the fat and calories in their diet. This diet plan would also allow the patient to lose weight. The patient would also need to have a list of physical activities that they are willing to participate in. At first the patient may need to be monitored more frequently to monitor adherence to the plan and measure the plan’s effectiveness. There will be close

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