Nursing Theorists

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Nursing Theorists

1. Florence Nightingale - Environment theory 2. Hildegard Peplau - Interpersonal theory 3. Virginia Henderson - Need Theory 4. Fay Abdella - Twenty One Nursing Problems 5. Ida Jean Orlando - Nursing Process theory 6. Dorothy Johnson - System model 7. Martha Rogers -Unitary Human beings 8. Dorothea Orem - Self-care theory 9. Imogene King - Goal Attainment theory 10. Betty Neuman - System model 11. Sister Calista Roy - Adaptation theory 12. Jean Watson - Philosophy and Caring Model 13. Madeleine Leininger -Transcultural nursing 14. Patricia Benner - From Novice to Expert 15. Lydia E. Hall - The Core, Care and Cure 16. Joyce Travelbee -
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Patient’s behavior can be verbal or non-verbal. * The nurse reacts to patient’s behavior and forms basis for determining nurse’s acts. * Perception, thought, feeling * Nurses’ actions should be deliberative, rather than automatic * Deliberative actions explore the meaning and relevance of an action.

6. Dorothy Johnson-Behavioral Systems Model

* The person is a behavioral system comprised of a set of organized, interactive, interdependent, and integrated subsystems * Constancy is maintained through biological, psychological, and sociological factors. * A steady state is maintained through adjusting and adapting to internal and external forces.
Johnson’s 7 Subsystems

* Affiliative subsystem - social bonds * Dependency - helping or nuturing * Ingestive - food intake * Eliminative - excretion * Sexual - procreation and gratification * Aggressive - self-protection and preservation * Achievement - efforts to gain mastery and control

Johnson’s Concepts

a. Person * A behavioral system comprised of subsystems constantly trying to maintain a steady state

a. Environment * Not specifically defined but does say there is an internal and external environment

b. Health * Balance and stability.

c. Nursing * External regulatory force that is indicated only when there is instability.

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