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Nursing Theorist Timothy Mack University of Phoenix Theories and Models of Nursing Practice NUR/403 Judith Mc Leod July 25, 2010 Nursing Theorist The theorist that I have chosen is Dorothea Orem. This theory describes the role of nursing in helping a patient’s who can no longer care for themselves (Mosby, 2009). The theory is divided into three parts; universal, developmental, and health deviation. Orem’s Theory The universal portion of Orem’s theory consists of the self care that a patient needs to meet their physiologic and psychosocial need. The developmental portion of the theory covers the care when coping through developmental stages, and the health deviation, which cover the care a patient need when theory health has…show more content…
Orem believed that the individual would in good health when they are functionally or structurally sound or whole. The belief that a sound or while person is free from signs and symptoms of disease, Orem believed that a person’s physical, physiological, interpersonal, and social aspects of health are inseparable, Orem believed that a person’s health is what makes them a human and that health operates with the psycho physiological, and physiological mechanisms in the relation to other human beings. Orem believed that it is the responsibility of society to promote health for its members (Hanucharunkul, 1989). | For nursing practice our goal is to help to promote health for the whole patient. We must remember that our goal is to get them back to a level where they are functional in the environment. Not all patient will get to the point that they are free from disease but we must help them get back to the level in which they can care for themselves and be as sound as possible for them. Our practice would involve teaching in this aspect in order to help the patient maximize the health that they either have or to help them reach the level that they want to achieve. | In the nursing education the student should be helped to appreciate that not all patients are going to leave the hospital disease free, and that as nurses there is a need to learn that we need to help them in any way we can to achieve their maximum amount

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