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MYRA ESTRIN LEVINE NUR-240 Professional Transitions June 7, 2011 Myra Estrin Levine is known as a Nursing theorist for creating “The Conservation Model”. Levine obtained a diploma in 1944 and attained her B.S in 1949 and completed M.S.N in 1962 from Wayne State University. She served as a consultant to hospitals and schools of nursing. She also provided a teaching structure for medical-surgical nursing and established “The Four Conservation Principles”. “She explicitly linked health to the process of conservation model views health as one of its essential components” (Levine, 1991). The three major concepts of the Conservation Model are 1) wholeness, 2) adaption, and 3) conservation. “Whole, health, hale all are derivations of the…show more content…
According to Levine “conservation describes the way complex systems are able to continue to function even when severely challenged” (Levine, 1990, p. 192). She stresses the fact that many nursing interventions can help in promoting the adaption and thus keeping the wholeness of the individual. There are many areas where Levine’s concepts are still used in the nursing practices today. First being, the primary care given to the patient by the nurse can change their view on the hospitalization as well as the administrative style. Thus providing them with more attention and care they want while satisfying their needs. Secondly, if a patient is familiar and adapted with the hospital environment, he/she will be comfortable in talking with the doctors/nurses with any kind of pain or their own worries about their diseases. Thereby making sure that the patient is in their comfort zone for this to happen be one of the major responsibilities of the nurse. For example, a patient found with cancer in the primary stage, the approach of wholeness include professionally prepared to mentally, physically fit to receive the care and treatment for complete healing and cure thus preventing the metastatic disease. Last but not least, the most important concept of Levine still used in today’s society world of nursing practice is conservation to keep the identity of the person private, to give them and their family member knowledge about the

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