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Running head: Nursing Theorists Nusing theorists Abstract “Nursing theorists are the men and women in the nursing field who develop models of nursing. Often, they don't set out to develop a nursing theory, instead, they simply want to help improve nursing care for their patients, and the theory develops as a result. Once a method is established as a theory or model of nursing, it is integrated into the practice of nursing, as well as added to the study of nursing.” Nursing Theorists Nursing theory helps beginning and experienced nurses use the best possible methods for their particular situations. Different theories take different approaches to handling the patients and their care. For example, the holistic approach to nursing…show more content…
The conscious, deliberate planning that is characteristic of this skill levels help achieve efficiency and organization. The competent nurse lacks the speed and flexibility of the proficient nurse but does have the ability to cope with and manage the many facets of clinical nursing. The competent person does not yet have enough experience to recognize a situation in terms of an overall picture or in terms of which aspects are most important. Stage 4 is “proficient”. The proficient nurse perceives situations as whole rather than separate parts. Proficient nurses understand a situation as a whole because they understand its meaning in terms of long term goals. The proficient nurse learns from experience what typical events to expect in a given situation and how plans need to be modified in response to these events. The proficient nurse can now recognize when the expected normal picture does not materialize. The holistic understanding improves the proficient nurse’s decision making. The nurse can now start picking out important issues in each situation. Stage 5 is the final stage of the “expert”. The expert nurse does not rely on an analytic principle to connect their understanding of the situation to an appropriate action. The expert nurse, has a large background of experience and now has an intuitive grasp of each situation. The expert operates from a deep understanding of the total situation. Once I found information on this theory it made me much more

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