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A BRIEF STUDY OF NURSING THEORIES ACCORDING TO FLORENCE NIGHTINGALE, JEAN WATSON AND MADELEINE LEININGER TOLULOPE ADEDIWURA MINOT STATE UNIVERSITY ABSTRACT Nursing as a profession is based on concrete (scientific, philosophical, behavioral, social, and humanities among others), concepts and theories by past and current nursing theorists. These theorists have helped shape the profession from 19th century till date. New theories are emerging due to advance in health care, as off-shoot of previous theories and also as addition to suit present day application. This paper shall look at the works (theories) of Florence Nightingale; Environmental theory, Jean Watson; Human caring theory, and Madeleine Leininger; Culture care diversity and…show more content…
(2011), Jean Watson’s theoretical framework lies in carative factors, transpersonal caring relationship, and caring moment. This implies basically that the core of nursing is in caring and other qualities of nursing as a profession builds on it. Her assumptions of caring affirms that in all we do to assist a client, caring is the most important. She claimed that without caring, curing cannot effectively occur. Gonzalo (2011), refers to caring as being more “healthogenic” than curing because it integrates biophysical knowledge with knowledge of human behavior to generate or promote health and to provide ministrations to those who are ill. He also concluded in his review of Jean Watson’s work that ‘the science of caring is complementary to the science of curing’. MSU’s department of nursing associates with Jean Watson’s human caring theory as pointed out in the “holistic health” aspect of its theoretical constructs. This section strongly reflect the ideas of Jean Watson. Pros of the theory * It presents distinct difference between nursing and other health care professions * It is logical and easy to apply to various practice situations * It presents nurses with a good view at nursing Cons of the theory * Caring alone isn’t enough as the health care system now incorporates technology in client’s care. Therefore, with the caring model and its processes, nurses need to find a blend where technology has its place. Madeleine Leininger’s Culture Care

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