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Nursing Theory Concept Analysis Introduction With the numerous nursing theories that have been established throughout the profession, it has become empirical for nursing professionals to be able to sort through the various concepts and critically analyze the significance for individual practice as well as the profession of nursing as a whole. Nursing theories should be analyzed and investigated for the value before acceptance just as new ideas are reviewed prior to implementation into practice. An analysis involves the use of reflective thinking in regards to a chosen theory and assessing the value it will have on specific situation. This concept analysis will focus on Jean Watson’s “Theory of Human Caring”, with emphasis placed on the…show more content…
Watson felt that caring was conveyed by the philosophy of the nursing profession as an exceptional way of coping with its environment. By applying 10 caring components to practice the patient becomes the focus rather than technology. Literature Review A foundation built on the concept of caring offers the ethical framework necessary to improve staff and patient satisfaction levels including the overall delivery of care provided (Dudkiewicz, 2014). Watson’s Theory of Human Caring can be used to address particular problems noted with in practice as well as the manner in which care is delivered among healthcare organizations by concentrating on the concept of caring. Nursing based on a foundation of caring provides a healing environment that fosters and promotes the growth of the nurse-patient relationship which further leads to the promotion of healing (Quinn, 2009). Patient satisfaction levels is an established indicator of the effectiveness and quality of care in the healthcare system. Patient satisfaction is further related to patient safety in a way that it impacts patient compliance with prescription medication, medical recommendations and follow through with regimens (Palese et al., 2011). The relationship made between the nurse and the patient is imperative in the overall patient experience and the perception of the care received. Patient satisfaction is directly related to quality of nurse caring during nurse-patient interaction. As stated by Watson, a

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