Nursing Theory Course Analysis

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Throughout this course, this writer has explored multiple nursing theories, several of the theories the writer intends on implement in her nursing practice. This author believes that the most vital theory that was explored is Hildegard Peplau’s theory of the importance of a good nurse to patient relationship. No matter where the nurse is working in order for the patient to receive the finest quality care and holistic care it is crucial to have a good nurse to patient relationship. A good nurse to patient relationship “increase[s] patient-provider communication [which] can change the patients’ view of their role” (Moore, Holaday, Meehan, & Watt, 2015, p.47). This specific nursing theory as well as many other theories the author intends to use…show more content…
Before this course the author did not think about what nursing theories she was implementing while care for her patients, however, after this course the author is more aware of the theories that are being applied in her nursing practice. Prior to the writer starting this course, this writer did not understand how vital nursing theory is to a nurse’s practice. The author only had one class that talked about nursing theory because of that the author found nursing theory confusing and complicated. After the completion of this course the writer has a better understanding of nursing theory and now realizes how simple nursing theory is.
This writer is also aware of the nursing theories that need to be implemented in the emergency room so that the patient are receiving the finest quality care that he or she deserves. This writer intends to increase her nursing knowledge through the other courses in her master’s degree program and every day that she is working. Using nursing theories in this authors practice and in classes in her master’s degree program this will allow the author to increase her nursing
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