Nursing Theory

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Application of Theory DeepaK USF NR 501 Theoretical Basis for Advanced Nursing Practice Nursing Theories In nursing there are theories that determine how the profession is going to be handled. Scholars and other practitioners of medicines have proved these theories. In our case we will be looking how these theories are applicable in the entire world of nursing medicine. What are nursing theories? Nursing theories are theories that describe, develop, and provides on how nursing profession should be carried out. These theories provide information on how or on the ground on how the terms of nursing terms can be defined and even touches on how principles of nursing and how the basis of…show more content…
The nurse is always to know or predict if indeed the adaptation concept is affecting the patient. This is how it applies, that when the demands of environment or surrounding are too high, and or the person’s ways of adapting to the environments are too low, definitely the person’s behavioral responses are unable to cope. The importance of using adaptation concept is to provide scientific knowledge for practice and improve nursing as a faculty, Gardner & Grand valley State University, (1994). Middle range theory and Engagement concept Middle range theory is also applied in nursing. This is where or the ability to transform disaster into a growth experience in nursing. It offers a direction and expansion of nursing in general. There are concepts that define or make up middle range theory. Concepts are the one that builds or create a theory. Remember nursing theories can be abstract or concrete. This is one of the concepts that define middle range theory. Engagement is seen in self-care by people valuation and also measures with respect to life. Some scholars too have proved that a middle range theory can be approached through deductive or inductive concepts. When using an inductive the purpose is to achieve or arrive on the theory that has got scanty information. It could be also applied when the information available is not enough or does not satisfy the need, therefore more information is needed hence application inductive concept. When

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