Nursing Theory

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Importance of Theory Paper
Kandace Wood
Chamberlain College of Nursing
Course Number: N501
March 2015

Theories and models despite not being synonymous are used interchangeably in nursing. In general a theory is considered to be a speculative statement that is concerned with some elements of reality that are not yet proven. There are a number of theories in the field of nursing also which are used to support practice and decision making. In this regard, Viki Burges writes, “The application of individual nursing practice is based on a combination of scientific, medical, philosophical, psychological, sociological, and nursing theories. There is
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Basic Propositions of The Roy Adaptation Model:
The basic propositions of the Roy adaptation model are as follows: * Stimuli from the internal and external environments act as input to the nervous system and they influence the fluid, electrolyte and the acid base balance apart from the endocrine system. This information upon being automatically channelled in an appropriate manner produces an automatic, unconscious response (Roussel, n.d.). * Internal and external stimuli act as inputs to the cognator sub-system. * Human systems whether as individuals or as groups should sense changes in the environment and make adaptations in ways that they can accommodate new environmental requirements. * The human ability to respond positively in a given situation depends upon adaptation level. * It is the goal of nursing to promote adaptation in situations and thus promote health, quality of life or dignified death. * The role of the nurse is to promote adaptation in health and illness and to promote health by enhancing the human environment interaction.
The Roy adaptation model, despite being a complex model is internally consistent. Its concepts are defines clearly and consistently. The

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