Nursing Theory Grid

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University of Phoenix Material Nursing Theorist Grid 1. Theorist Selected: Ida Orlando Description of key points of the theory: Orlando's Deliberative Nursing Process has a framework that consists of five concepts. 1. Professional Nursing Function is the organizing principle- The patient is the focal point in nursing. The nurse must find out and meet the immediate need the patient. 2. Patient's presenting behavior- problematic situation. When the patient's equilibrium is offset he/she exhibits behaviors that draw the nurses' attention. 3. Immediate reaction- Internal Response is a proactive response that causes the nurse to have an automatic response that is cognitive and affective (Alligood, 2010). According to the…show more content…
|determined that student |patient. The nurse’s focus is on the need | | |are verbal, non-verbal, |The nurse relies on the |nurses need more education |for the patient. In a research paper by | | |physical/behavioral or any |patient cue of |about address the client's |Sheldon and Ellington (2008), the | | |combination. |satisfaction before |immediate needs. The |deliberative nursing process is studied | | | |assuming their needs are |students in this research, |among many other models to give a better | | | |met |Faust 2002, provided |understanding of the importance of | | | |(Alligood, 2010). |interventions without |communication between nurses and patients | | | | |validating the client's |signifying that good communication is | | | | |actual need. This study |essential to meeting distressed patient's |

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