Nursing Theory Influences The Practice Of Nursing Practice

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Introduction Nursing theory influences the practice of nursing in numerous ways that can have an important impact. Theory provides a framework to support and define nursing practice, support quality of patient care, and can be implemented in practice, to provide solutions to nursing practice problems. Applying theory to resolve nursing issues can be utilized in educational and research settings, direct patient care concerns, as well as in administration and management of nursing services. The benefits of applying theory to practice can be demonstrated by applying Jean Watson’s Theory of Human Caring. The theory can be described as an expanded view of self and person, caring-healing consciousness, intentionality to care and promote healing, caring consciousness, caring moments, unbroken wholeness, and advanced caring-healing modalities (Watson, 2008). The sections of this paper will be the introduction, description of the issue, application of selected nursing theory to the concern, and the conclusion. Watson’s Theory Applied to Staffing Issues The specific issue being presented is staffing issues on the inpatient clinical units. Supporting nurse staffing ensures quality nursing care for patients and can be a challenge for nurse managers and administrators. Failure to provide sufficient staffing numbers and compassionate nurse staff has been demonstrated to negatively impact patient satisfaction and patient outcomes. The nursing staffing
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