Nursing Theory : Jean Watson

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Nursing Theory: Jean Watson As nursing has progressed, theories surrounding the profession have changed. Each of these theories influence nurses today. There are underlying concepts and values that are typically included within these theories such as patience, caring, and respect. One theory is very prominent today and that is the theory created by Jean Watson. Her theory focuses primarily on caring. In fact, the theory involves ten clinical caritas processes. A repetitive theme throughout Jean Watson’s theory is caring. The ten caritas are the main point in her theory on nursing (Sitzman, 2011, p. 52). The caritas or caring processes can aid nurses in making decisions. Not only do these discuss the importance of care of a patient but also care for self. It is just as important to put care for self as a priority as a patient care. Thinking of the ten caring processes as a flower with overlapping petals is a great way of imagining the theory as a whole (see Appendix). With the overlapping petals it enforces the importance of including all to become whole, but also proves that any caring process can be started and built on from there. Also as seen in the image (see Appendix) the hands holding the flower are values and goals. This is important because the goals and values of the individual nurse will influence the ten caring processes. These individual caring processes are the close-up aspects of the theory while the whole image itself is that of the flower held up by hands.
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