Nursing Theory

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The study identified barriers and facilitators in communication. It wished to give specific attention to barriers in treatment of African-Americans, Latinos and other historically discriminated-against groups. These populations have traditionally faced obstacles such as income, prejudice of providers, and community suspicion of the healthcare profession. The open-ended study was designed to "explore how multiple contextual variables of patients and their providers influence the collaborative process of 39 staff" at the facility (Bruner, Davey, & Waite 2011:1).
The study strove to add to the existing literature by including "the entire health care team from administrative management to support staff" in its overview (Bruner, Davey, & Waite 2011:1). Engel's bio-psychosocial (BPS) theory posits that when healthcare workers from the different areas of the biological, psychological, and sociological health professions 'get along' and build bridges between their different personalities and disciplines, care is improved. Few studies on care of the underprivileged focus on multidisciplinary collaboration.
Within nursing…
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