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There is an obvious deficiency in the application of theory in nursing practice. This paper will include a discussion of how nursing practice is affected by the use of nursing theory. I will provide evidence in relation to how theory based practice relates to the core competencies of the Institute of Medicine (IOM) and Quality and Safety Education for Nurses (QSEN) project. I will discuss a journal article that reinforces the gap of nursing theory in nursing practice, and interview colleagues regarding the incorporation of theory in their individual practice. In conclusion I will express my own view point of why theory has been neglected. Nursing Practice Theory In the 1920’s the American Journal of Nursing published proof…show more content…
42) The article discusses that it is the nurse’s professional and societal responsibility to utilize research based practice to improve the health of society at a global level. When a society is educated continuously there is a direct improvement on their health. This was proved through many theorists in this article such as Sister Callista Roy, John Stuart Mill, and Amitai Etzioni. I agree with this article in that social transformation must occur amongst nurses. I also agree that middle range theory is the most practical way to utilize nursing theory as a framework for nursing practice because it is concept specific and not as vague as grand theories. Nurses would be more willing to apply a middle range theory because they can relate to it. Many nurses feel grand theories are too broad and generalized to connect their practice to the theory. By utilizing a middle range theory, it would provide consistency in care and effective guidelines. By combining theory and practice, nursing will be able to promote health and minimize sickness throughout a community or across the world. (McCurry et al., 2009) Speaking with any nurse one could discover there is a knowledge deficit regarding the concepts of nursing theory. I interviewed thirteen nurses that work in various departments in the hospital. Eleven of those nurses looked at me like a deer in headlights. I could not be judgmental against those nurses because I honestly must admit that I am one of them. I

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