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Jean Watson's Theory of Caring In partial fulfillment of the requirements for the course N207-Theoretical Foundations in Nursing at University of the Philippines Open University. This blog is dedicated to fellow nurses, to our patients, to our classmates, and to Miss Jean Watson who gave us inspiration in caring. * Caring: What is it? * Caring In Action * Jean Watson * Metaparadigm * Philosophy and Science * Analysis * Acceptance * Group H Acceptance Acceptance in the Nursing Community Margaret Jean Watson’s model or theory of caring can be considered as a foundation of our profession. It suggests the consideration of nursing as both a science and an art, and caring as a key factor in the human…show more content…
While doing our functions as nurses, we are challenged by Watson to “care,” and while doing so, we are encouraged to answer the following questions (adapted from Theoretical Foundations of Nursing: The Philippine Perspective by Octaviano and Balita, 2008, p164): Did I become a nurse to care? Is caring the activity I want to involve in? Why should I “care”? What are my inspirations in performing my carative responsibilities? To whom should I “care?” When am I needed to “care?” How will I “care” for my clients? What are the factors than can improve my level of care? What may happen if I will not “care?” What are the circumstances or conditions which hinder me from “caring?” How can I improve my knowledge, skills and attitudes regarding care? Who cares/will care for me? In other words, Watson’s idea on caring helps us reflect on the value of caring to our lives and its implications to our vocation or calling. It challenges us to ask ourselves about our own perceptions and opinions on caring for us to be better guided in our delivery of nursing service. Education Watson emphasized the importance of describing nursing in terms of nurse-patient relationships rather than on procedures and tasks. Her theory on caring implies the need for nursing students to be trained on: personal growth, communication skills, therapeutic use of

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