Nursing Theory : The Betty Neuman Systems Model

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Betty Neuman created the nursing theory “The Neuman Systems Model” that tested an individual’s response to an actual or potential environmental stressor. Every individual has a normal line of defense to keep them stable and once it is affected by a stressor, the whole system is altered. The main purpose of this theory is to identify each line of defense and the effect stressors have on them. A nurse’s job is to stabilize the client by primary, secondary, and tertiary prevention techniques. Betty Neuman’s model provides a comprehensive and system based perspective for nursing. The purpose of this paper is to show how this system was developed, the significance of this theory, and its application to nursing today.

Betty Neuman
Betty Neuman was a born in 1924 in Lowell, Ohio. Her rural background helped her develop a care for people in need, which has been a dominant trait in her career. She received her baccalaureate degree at People’s Hospital School of Nursing, her master’s degree in Mental Health and Public Consultation from UCLA, and her doctorate in Clinical Psychology from Pacific Western University. Betty Neuman had numerous forms of leadership while working in the hospital; she eventually became head nurse until she decided to be a nursing professor. Neuman designed a nursing concepts model for the students at UCLA to expand their knowledge of the different client variables that are beyond the medical model. Her model was first published in the early 1970’s
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