Nursing Theory : Transcultural Nursing Theories

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Nursing Theory: Transcultural Nursing Theory
Raymonde Alphonse
Miami Dade College Nursing Theory: Transcultural Nursing Theory
General Perspective to the Nurse, the Patient, the Environment, Health, Illness, and Wellness
Transcultural nursing theory by Madeleine Leininger has general perspectives to the nurse, patient, environment, health, illness, and wellness. According to the caregivers, transcultural nursing theory by Madeleine Leininger is one of the most effective philosophies on health care. It is a theory commonly used by nearly all health facilities worldwide. Most nurses state that transcultural philosophy has had positive effect patient care (George, 2011). The philosophy focuses more on cultural competency, therefore, increasing efficacy of nursing. Increased nurse efficacy resulted from learning cultural beliefs and values of the patients.
The patient perspective is illustrated in various studies. One such research is by George (2011). The investigation reveals that because of Transcultural nursing theory patient satisfaction have increased and most patients are satisfied with the type of care. On wellness, the philosophy has had positive influence on the health, illness, and wellness. The practices provided in the theory provide holistic care procedures that promote health and wellness (Sagar, 2012).
Thirdly, transcultural nursing theory has a perspective on illness. The primary goal of the philosophy is to provide culturally compatible treatment
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