Nursing Theory and Nursing Knowledge

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Describe how nursing theory has helped facilitate the development of nursing knowledge. The nursing profession has progressed greatly since it roots with Florence Nightingale, moving from reliance upon total medical direction for providing basic care and “the first duty of the nurse it that of obedience-absolute fidelity to his orders, even if the necessity of the prescribed measures is not apparent, you have no responsibility beyond that of faithfully carrying out the directions received” (Jennifer C. Telford), into an autonomous practice with its own nursing theory practices, models, and interventions. Theories are a set of interrelated concepts that give a systematic view of a phenomenon (an observable fact or event) that is…show more content…
For example in one study it shows “despite the knowledge that caring does positively influence patients and nurses, there are reports globally about the negative impact of uncaring and the call to improve caring within our profession (Mary E. Desmond, et al., 2014). If every single patient was like the other we wouldn’t need to have a theory of caring, patients would be treated the same, a patient is a patient, no difference from one to the other. This is not the case. So using nursing theory to improve and move forward nursing knowledge as it has done so far can only improve an ever changing care continuum that is known as nursing. This is how theory has changed and molded nursing knowledge and how we practice. Works Cited Ida T. Bjork, K. L.-M. (2013, October). From theoretical model to practial use: an example of knowledge translation. Journal Of Advanced Nursing, 69(10), 2336-2347. Jennifer C. Telford, P. A.-B. (n.d.). A Brief History of Professional Nursing in the United States. In J. C. Elizabeth Friberg, Conceptual Foundations: The Bridge to Professional Nursing Practice 6th Edition. Mary E. Desmond, R. M.-B., Suzen Horn, R. M., Kathryn Keith, R. M., Susan Kelby, R. M., Linda Ryan, P. R.-B., & Janice Smith, P. R. (2014). Incorpoating Caring Theory into Personal and Professional Nursing Practice to Improve Perception of Care. International Journal for Human Caring, 18(1), 35-44. Nursing Theories: a companion to nursing theories
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