Nursing Theory of Imogene King

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|Introduction to Nursing Theories |
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|Each discipline has a unique focus for knowledge development that directs its inquiry |
|and distinguishes it from other fields of study.(Smith & Liehr, 2008). |
|Nursing knowledge is the inclusive total of the philosophies, theories, research, and |
|practice wisdom of the discipline.As a professional discipline this knowledge is |
|important for
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|Construct- |
|a phenomena that cannot be observed and must be inferred |
|Constructs are concepts developed or adopted for use in a particular theory. The key |
|concepts of a given theory are its constructs. |
|Proposition |
|a statement of relationship between concepts |
|Conceptual model- |
|made up of concepts and propositions |
|They epresent ways of thinking about a problem or ways of representing how complex |
|things work the way that they do. |
|Different Frameworks will emphasize different variables and outcomes and their |
|interrelatedness.( Bordage, 2009) |
|Models may draw on a number of theories to help understand a particular problem in a |
|certain setting or context. They are not
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