Nursing Through Time Essay

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In today’s society nursing has had to face several challenges in its pursuit in becoming a recognised profession. Nursing has gone through many stages of attached stigma, changing as technology and society evolved as a whole. Going from a low social class responsibility in the 19th century, to becoming a well-respected profession that it has become today, public perception, the way in which society views, has changed greatly in the last two hundred years. Along with these changes has come a large change in technology which is causing the responsibility of nurses to change as well as now individual actions are tainting the image of the nursing profession. This is due to the technological evolution with mass communication drawing attention…show more content…
The Great War exposed many women to horrific conditions of which previously man had thought them to delicate the even process. By the end of the War the contribution that had been given my military nurses had earned the respect and gratitude their fellow countrymen. (1918: Australians in France - Nurses - "The roses of No Man's Land", n.d.) As time passed nursing became a romanticised within society. The media started creating films with nursing which all showed nurses fighting and overcoming darkness. This demonstrates how far the nursing perception had developed, showing nurses as heroes. However in the mid 1900’s nursing began to take a step back as the post war baby boom domesticated women. Women portrayed in the media as nurses began to take a step away from the camera, leading to doctors taking overshadowing the role of the nurse in the publics eyes. This soon gave way to the ‘naughty nurse’ phase with women liberation in the late 1900’s, in which the nurses became sexualised. The public began to see nurses in the media dressed sparsely. Television shows such as ‘MASH’ and ‘Carry On’ are examples of how the public were seeing the role of nurses. As time moved onward and with the movement of nursing education, nursing lost most of the sexualisation however still retains the domestication aspect of being a doctors understudy. (Daly, Speedy, & Jackson, 2014) Now in the
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