Nursing: Transformational Leadership

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The Strange Voyage 1. I think that the patient misunderstood the nurse’s intentions when he was moved from the ICU to the other places in the hospital because there was limited communication letting the know what will be happening. It seems that the patient was not familiar with the hospital, procedures and the people and because of that, the patient felt that all the interventions were to harm him. Even before the surgery, the surgeon visited the patient very quickly and told the patient this was a routine surgery. Although it may be routine, I think that it would be good to educate the patient about what will be occurring in each of the processes. In addition, when the patient was going for exams, the patient had to wonder what exam…show more content…
In team nursing, the nurse could delegate tasks to other team members, which was not seen in this vignette. Primary nursing care provides enhanced quality care to patients in the sense that the nurse will have a better relationship with patient; understand the physical, emotional, social, and other aspects of the patient, thus reducing errors and preventable injuries. I think that primary nursing model is effective because the care of the patient, the individuals involved in the patient remains consistent, less inconsistencies and it helps the patient be able more involved in their care. I think that the nurse’s verbal and non-verbal communication in the vignette was limited and it was not effective. For instance, when the nurse says, “I think this is the moment to get rid of him”, the patient misunderstands that they are going to kill him. In addition, each time an injection is given, the patient also feels like the nurse is trying to hurt him. Moreover, when the nurse says, “you can no longer move”, the meaning of that is vague and it is unclear to the patient. However, in another instance, when the African American nurse smiled and touched the patient’s hand, it made him feel protected. I think that in looking at these examples, gestures, facial expressions, body language as well as verbal communication influenced the patient. I suggest that the nurse should have provided visual
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