Nursing Trauma

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The number of persons surviving from head injury is rapidly increasing and disability is as common after apparently mild head injuries, compared with more severe ones (Thornhill et. al., 2000). Head injuries are a frequent cause of death and disability in western society with the first 72 hours being an important period for prevention of further brain damage (Johnson, 1999). Morbidity and mortality for head injury victim can be significant reduced by improve organization of care, at beginning of injury site. The highest percentage incidence is in the age group 16–25 years (41%) in Hillier et al. (1997) and in the 21–30 year group (26%) according to Wagner et al. (2000). CLINICAL ASSESSMENT OF THE PATIENT Assessment of the head-injured patient begins with a protocol of ensuring patency of the airway with cervical spine control whilst maintaining good oxygenation and tissue perfusion. This aims to prevent the development of secondary brain injury. Assessments of patient in Emergency Department are divided into two parts: Initial assessment and focus assessment. Initial assessment is the primary assessment when receive patient in Emergency Department. Aim for these assessments is to identify and intervene in life-threatening injuries. Interventions may need to be
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