Nursing Uniforms: Why There Should Be a Mandatory Dress Code for Nurses

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Nurses and uniforms
Why There Should Be a Mandatory Dress Code for nurses
Maria Gutierrez
University of Central Florida

The debate about nurses having a mandatory dress code such as a specific uniform and color, (white or not) has been a hot topic lately. The majority of nurses love the freedom they have of choosing their own uniforms and expressing part of their identity and style; however, the major argument is that having everyone on the medical floor wear non-standardized uniforms cause confusion among patients and family members. By being able to choose any particular color and style uniform, nurses are losing the patient’s and
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In a study done by Skorupski and Rea(2006), to see if the patients recognize who the Registered Nurse was, the patients expressed to be ‘‘confused when nurses did not wear identifying clothing’’ and the nurses agreed that what they wear is important in identifying nurses”(p.396). The authors suggested that their findings confirm that ‘‘patients cannot tell a nurse from the nurse aide or the respiratory tech’’ and ‘‘how do you know who is the nurse versus who is the housekeeper?’’ ( 2006, p.396).
According to the author of the article “Uniformity in Uniform” patients and their relatives may find the number and variety of professionals involved in the multidisciplinary care off-putting and threatening if not properly identified (Castledine, 2011).
Of course it is not only the color of a uniform which helps to recognize nurses, other important factors are the way the professional nurse communicates and interacts with her/his patients and other visitors on the ward. In the past, matrons were expected to behave in a certain way and ward sisters too were easily identified by their manner and behavior. Today, this professional discipline has disappeared and there is now a much more lackadaisical approach to ward management and patient care (Castledine, 2011). The use of large print name tags and nursing staff introducing themselves to patients and families is also very helpful in aiding patients to recognize who the Registered Nurse and other staff members are.
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