Nursing Vision for the Future

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Nursing, as a profession, continues to be a growing and changing entity. As nurses, we must consider that our future is going to be much different than our past. This presentation will review four major topics that are worth consideration, and hopefully provide food for thought about each nurse’s plans and goals for his or her own career in the future. We will discuss evidence-based practice, nursing theory, research, and nursing roles and opportunities. Each of these topics includes a myriad of ideas, publications, and opportunities for self assessment and growth. Evidence-based nursing, evidenced-based practice, and evidence-based medicine are all based on the idea that health care treatment has transitioned from “practice that was…show more content…
According to this concept, Associate Degree nurses may have been educated through a nursing theory based model, or work in a facility that uses a particular theory, but do not spend a great deal of time considering theory in their practice. Bachelor of Science nurses are more involved in theory based curriculum and use theory to guide their own practice. Master’s Degree nurses use theory as the framework of their practice and use theory based questions to guide research projects they may be involved in. PhD nurses are conducting theory testing, developing new theory, and advancing the profession of nursing by creating academic programs based on theory. Advanced Practice Nurses (APNs), particularly those functioning as licensed independent practitioners, can benefit from the use of theory as they assess, plan, diagnose, intervene and evaluate the care they give to patients (Chitty 2010). Additionally, theory based care will allow easier explanation of decision making to other members of the health care team, and facilitate education of newer nurses. APNs in educational roles should use theory to develop curriculum and teach practice models. Theory based practice is also essential for APNs who wish to pursue research, as it helps to develop the groundwork for theory based research. Nurses have many roles in research that can be categorized into three major groups: 1. Health promotion, 2. Human experience, and 3. Health care and health systems. Similar to
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