Nursing and Evidence Based Practice Essay

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Evidence based practice (EBP) is the utilisation of best available, contemporary research in the management of individual patient care (Sackett et al. 2000). Combined with the personal experience of the healthcare professional, EBP facilitates problem-solving that takes patient preferences and values into account (Melnyk and Fineout-Overholt 2005). The approach respects the patient as an individual and as a partner in the planning and receiving of care. EBP aims to reduce the use of ineffective healthcare interventions and encourage clinical decision-making that is based on modern credible evidence (Stevens 2013). Concisely, it aspires to achieve best outcomes for patients hence increasing the standard of care nurses provide to their patients.
EBP is a value that underpins nursing practice in Ireland (An Bord Altranais 2000). Furthermore EBP is an essential component of modern nurse education and student nurses are required to display safe clinical skills that are founded on evidence to achieve their qualification (An Bord Altranais 2005). An example of the utilisation of EBP in the clinical setting, is the obtaining of pH aspirates from a nasogastric tube to confirm tube position prior to feeding or the administration of medication. Through verifying gastric placement, the nurse can start the feed safely knowing the tube is not positioned in the respiratory tract or oesophagus reducing the risk of aspiration and possible pneumonia. In this example safe practice is…