Nursing and Millennium Goals

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Nursing and Millennium Goals This paper looks at UN millennium development goals focus being on the fifth millennium development goal which is improvement of maternal health. This goal is divided into two parts the first part deals with reduction of maternal mortality and the second the second part deals with universal access to reproductive health. The paper elaborates on the importance of improvement of maternal health to the nation. It further highlights on the importance of this goal in the community. Nurses have a great role in working towards achieving the millennium development goals these roles are also elaborated in the paper. Reduction of child mortality Almost half a million lives of women and children are lost during pregnancy and child birth. A large percentage of these deaths can be avoided or are preventable. The reduction of child mortality is not only an issue because of its effect on development of a nation but also since it posses a challenge in human rights. If the mortality rate cases are reduced then it means that the nation is better placed in terms of health. This means that there are measures that have been put in place to ensure a decrease in this child mortality rates. If there is a risk of transfer of HIV from an infected mother then caution is taken to prevent the mother-child infection and eventual deaths due to HIV among infants will decrease. This decrease in child mortality rate will have a positive effect on the health of the
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