Essay about Nursing and Mrs Green

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1 Case Study Mrs Green (20 marks for general description) Mrs. Green is a 55 year old female who had a total knee arthoplasty 3 days ago. The client is on 6 hourly observations. The last set of observation are: Temp 36.5 C, RR 22, HR 110, BP 170/86mmHg and SpO2 98% on room air. She has been complaining of ‘awful pain’ in her knee. She has refused to have a shower and do her routine ROM exercises due to the pain in her knee. She requires assistance to perform ADLs at this stage and expresses feelings of embarrassment and frustration. Mrs. Green has also reported that she has not opened her bowels since the operation. Socioeconomic status: Mrs. Green lives with a husband and has three grown up children. 1. Write a nursing care plan…show more content…
The developmental stage that Mrs Green is in is middle adulthood, in this stage of life there are many physical, cognitive and psychosocial changes (Koutoukidis, Stainton & Hughson 2013, p.224). The physical changes that Mrs Green may be experience are a change in her physical appearance, greying hair, wrinkles, and changes in body as she may be showing signs of menopause. On the other hand her cognitive responses stay the same and be able to manage stress more effectively (Koutoukidis, Stainton & Hughson 2013, p.224). In Erik Erikson theory this stage is “Achieving a sense of generativity while avoiding self-absorption and stagnation (middle-age)” (Crisp and Taylor 2010, p.149). This stage is described as the focus of raising children and to sacrifice their own needs for others. (Crisp and Taylor 2010, p.149). Mrs Green may find that her relationship with her children is stronger, and may have a very active social life as she may be getting ready to retire from work (Koutoukidis, Stainton & Hughson 2013, p.224). 1. Case Study Martin Mc Donald(20 marks for general description) Martin McDonald is a 31 year old man who has been diagnosed as having a low sperm count, low sperm motility, and a high percentage of abnormal sperm cells. He has been married for six years and his wife has already undergone three unsuccessful attempts at artificial fertilisation and one unsuccessful attempt at in vitro
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