Nursing and Mrs. Newman Essay

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Mrs. Newman has been experiencing hoarseness and a change in her voice, but she did not seek medical help until she began to have difficulty swallowing. After being seen by her healthcare provider, she is scheduled for outpatient surgery for a direct laryngoscope to obtain a culture and take a biopsy. Mrs. Newman arrives at the outpatient surgical department at 6:30 am and is escorted to her room. The admitting nurse begins her assessment; 1. Which question is most important for the nurse to ask Mrs. Newman? A) Have you had anything to eat or drink since midnight? B) Are you taking any medications? C) Have you smoked any cigarettes in the last 24 hours? D) When was the last time you drank any alcohol? The admission nurse…show more content…
Selection of the best techniques varies from person to person depending on their age and personal preferences. Esophageal speech is popular among laryngectomies because it costs less and can provide a more normal sounding voice than some of the other options. 8. Which statement describes esophageal speech? A) Generator held to the neck creates vibrations those form words when the client speaks B) Swallowed air used to create around and words in a controlled belch C) Vibration and sound are used to form words by occluding a valve over the stoma D) A handheld device delivers tone via a plastic tube that is inserted into the mouth After discussing her options with a speech therapist mars Newman demonstrates her ability to use esophageal speech she comments” I used to hear my son and his friends rack like this. Won’t he be surprised? Two days later, mars Newman is admitted to the hospital accompanied by her husband and her two grown children. She is in the preoperative holding area. 9. Which interventions will the nurse implement? A) ask mars Newman if she has any concerns about the upcoming surgery B) Notify the surgeon that mars Newman has been admitted to the hospital C) Reassure mars Newman that her family can stay with her until surgery D) Retrained if mars Newman has any problems hearing or writing Mrs. Newman shares with the nurse that she is scared that no one will help her if she needs

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