Nursing and Organizational Values

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Nursing and Organizational Values Alignment for Quality Care The Heart of the organization Decision making is the heart of any organization In the healthcare industry, these decisions directly affect the lives of individuals and contribute towards the good of society Regardless of the theory, decisions need to operate out of the Value Orientation Model (VOM) Organizational Values Setting of organizational values is the starting point for any managerial operation Values = building, sustaining and growing trust Values define what the organization does, what it aspires to be, how it will grow, and what it considers important Nurses in the modern Healthcare Model The practice of nursing is an art and science clinical competence combined with advocacy and care Use nursing theory to integrate mission and values (e.g. Watson, etc.) The patient is the reason for the organization's existence Nursing engagement and Patient Outcomes Workplace empowerment Job satisfaction Continuing Education Transparency Communication Staff involvement Respect for human capital Professional Better patient care Fewer errors Lower turnover Better community relations Fewer staff conflicts Fewer L&I claims Better attendance Fewer stress related incidents = Effective communication for Nurses Nurse communication with Colleagues and Staff Considerations when communicating with others Nurse communication with patients Holistic and patient centered Advocacy for patient
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