Nursing and Social Responsibility

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Citizenship for nurses Health professionals have obligations in regards of protection, promotion and optimization of health abilities to prevent from illness. It helps to guide in focusing the normal principals of care and justice and also motivates certain civic action. Social responsibility is “strongly linked to the values of professions in general and nursing in particular” and that “the underlying constructs of social responsibility, communication and teamwork are woven into the fabric of nursing 's history and its code of ethics”(Kelley,2008). Communication, social responsibility and teamwork, are an integral part of the nursing profession. These three attributes of the profession comes through citizenship. This essay will…show more content…
Nursing is the social responsibility in the community. Mainly social responsibility is rooted in relationships with others and it helps to guide in promoting these types of behaviours.. It also part of caring and justice as distinct but compatible principles. Social responsibility is a value of personal identities. Social responsibility includes communication, compassion and disciplinary message. Nursing profession also has the capacity in helping to build up the society as well as its wellbeing. Social responsibility is define as reflecting to about that extend beyond personal wants, needs or gains(Gally,2006). Nursing has a commitment to fulfilling a social contract for care with society (Crigger, 2008; International Council of Nurses [ICN], 2006a;Kelley, Connor, Kun, & Salmon, 2008). Nursing’s social responsibility is also expressed within issues that affect the profession. To sum up, social responsibility motivates a certain kind of citizenship that roots in care and justice and stems from obligation to contribute to society. As a profession, nursing also has the capacity to focus on the well-being of a society in advocating for social change. (Pitzer College 2007) defines, social responsibility as a core value that includes "awareness, knowledge, and behaviour based upon a commitment to the values of equity, access, and justice; a dedication to civic involvement and
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