Nursing as a Career Essay

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Career Paper Nursing as a Profession No one is more important to the quality of patient care than a nurse. I don’t think there has ever been a time when nurses weren’t needed to provide care and nurturing to others in need. Whether it’s a mother ready to deliver a baby or give comfort to an elderly gentleman, nurses have a special role they play in everyone’s life. Today, prospective nurses take on many challenges as they look forward to their career choice such as the education and need for nurses in the future, the employment options and healthcare costs, and the environment and people they may work with. Nursing as a career takes quite a bit of education and training. Many colleges offer education in associate degree programs of…show more content…
Regular duties of a registered nurse include getting a patient’s medical history, performing tests and reading the results, they must also be able to provide treatment and medications and help a patient with follow-up treatment and care (Labor Statistics). The future of nursing is changing. More men are becoming nurses instead of just women and many women are going back to school after raising their families. A generation of nurses will be retiring soon and that will require a surge of new nurses in the workforce. Overall job opportunities for registered nurses are looking great but, it will require a plan to attract a younger generation to this profession (Glasper). According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics web site, some employers are having difficulty attracting and retaining enough RN’s, although employment is expected to grow much faster than average. Many long-term care facilities and home health care will need more nurses as the population of the elderly increases. In 2008 the annual earnings of RN’s were reportedly higher for those who work in areas of employment services, general medical and surgical hospitals as compared to the lowest paid RN’s worked in nursing care facilities. The median annual wages were $62,450 and the middle 50 percent earned between $51,640 and $76,570(Department of Labor). I believe that these figures can be dependent on where a nurse is located and
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