Nursing as an Art and Science

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Topic: The Art and Science of Nursing



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This paper seeks to explore Nursing practice in an attempt to demonstrate the change in perspective of the practice over the years from a traditional view to a more contemporary and realistic view. It will seek to achieve this by performing a literature review of two articles that not only talk but also define and distinguish nursing as both an art and a science and explore a nurses’ experience of being in patient/nurse interactions.
Data used in the literature review was gathered through a random sampling of twenty-eight sophomore students, who were at the first year of learning nursing clinical experience with patients. The literature reviewed
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Nursing is the process of caring for the health of human beings and assisting them to not only meet their needs, but also to teach them the basics of caring for themselves. A nurse is continuously faced with the responsibility of promoting good health, preventing disease and promoting healing. A nurse is not only expected to give physical assistance to patients, but they are also called upon to offer emotional support to both the patient and the family of the patient.
These duties not only require an individual who is self-confident and aware but also one who is able to deliver a compelling message to an audience however, both researchers conducted showed that majority of the nurses were either anxious and showed great humility instead of bursting with pride and confidence. The nurses showed signs of nervousness, fear or anxiety while others more specifically from the twenty-eight sophomore nursing student in their first year of clinical nursing described the fear as more encompassing.
In the other literature reviewed, of the 78 nurses sampled and
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