Essay on Nursing concept map for mental health

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Care Plan 2 Psychiatric/Mental Health PATIENT CARE PLAN Client Initials: H.C. Admission Date: 01/14/13 Unit: 4 South Age: 28 Sex: Female Race/Culture: Caucasian ASSESSMENT Presenting Problem: This is a 28 year-old Caucasian female who was admitted to Doctors Hospital Psychiatric Unit 4 South due to an overdose on multiple medications. The patient was found by the police on January 13th picking through garbage near the hospital. Patient overdosed on approximately 30 Alprazolam, Venlafaxine, Trazadone, Benadryl, and Nyquil. She stated she remembered taking the all of the drugs, but does not remember anything after that.…show more content…
She feels that if she ignores them, they will go away (Varcarolis, Hlater, 2011, p. 216-217) Level of Self Esteem: Patient shows signs of chronic low self-esteem. Patient stated that “I have always been self conscious, I always feel like I am not good looking enough, especially the fat on my legs”. According to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, when self-esteem is compromised, we feel inferior, worthless, and helpless (Varcarolis, Halter, 2011, p. 39) Communication/Interaction Patterns (nonverbal communication): Patient did not exhibit many body movements when communicating with health care staff, other patients, or myself. Patient sat still in her chair and did not show any emotion with her thought process. Patient did not make eye contact with anyone she communicated with. Sexual Patterns (consider roles, identity, lifestyle): Patient states that she is heterosexual. Patient is not currently in a relationship nor is she sexually active. She used to have multiple sex partners in the past. Psychosomatic Responses (describe somatic complaints that may be stress related): Patient states that she has a lot of trouble sleeping. Other than insomnia, patient did not complain of any other somatic responses that could be stress related. Use of Alcohol or other Drugs: Patient denies the use of drugs and alcohol. Degree of Participation in Care/Groups: Patient was part of the Blue Group (Lower functioning). Patient did not exhibit interest in any group activities
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