Nurture Nature Vs Nature

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The debate between nature and nurture addresses genetic and environmental determinants and which principles apply to our lives. Humans are affected by choices made by others and ourselves and things that are meant to happen. Free will is being able to make a choice to do something on our own or “to act in certain situations independently of natural, social, or divine restraints” (Encyclopedia Britannica). Social cues are verbal or nonverbal hints that are meant to guide peers about their actions, the conversation they’re having, etc.. Determinism is the belief that everything is naturally connected to the universe and every event happens because of the events that came before it. Fatalism follows the belief that events occur naturally, but without influence of humans. Nurture is a greater influences on our lives than nature; humans operate upon the principles of free will, social cues, and determinism. Determinism supports the idea that our outcomes are based on our choices and that they are meant to happen that way. An example of one’s deterministic view is Brent Staples describing the ways he unintentionally frightened those around him in public and he would go out of his way to make them feel safer. It’s unfair that an accomplished college graduate should be judged for their appearance, as well as anyone else for that matter. Staples had no obligation to act the way he did, but in order to keep himself safe, he could not pose a threat and get away with it as a black
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