Nurture Strongly Influences Early Human Development

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Roshan Akthar Jahir Hussain 200821027

Nurture strongly influences early human development


While nature produces healthy, well-formed infants, nurture helps in developing them in the early stages of their lives through practice and experience. It means that the early development of a human is effective and faster by nurture than what comes out of nature. All children go through the same sequences of growth and development in the same order right from their mother’s womb, be it the development of parts of the body and the development of organs, motor development after birth, development of speech, etc.. Nature leads to ordinary development of a fetus into a human but it cannot develop an infant into a healthy-minded or
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can affect normal maturation of a fetus. So, it can be clearly noted from above that a fetus can be completely organized and well-developed only when given quality nurturing.

Influence of genetics and environment on the motor development of a child after birth

All children go through the same sequence of motor behaviors in the same order but they go through the sequence at different rates. It is because those children who are not given attention or taken good of (nurtured) are seen to develop in a slower rate than those who are given quality nurture. Even if a child is born physically challenged, he/she can be trained or given physiotherapy treatment to improve him/her to at least take care of their own selves. This clearly illustrates that practice and experience makes a child to learn things faster and in a much better way than those children who are left unnoticed.

Genetic and environmental influence on a child’s development of speech

All human infants learn to speak in the course of normal development, but not until they have attained a certain level of neurological development. It is applicable for both, children who are given as well as children who are given quality nurture. As we already discussed on the motor development of a child after birth, even here, in the case of development of speech of a child, the fact is
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