Nut Island Effect

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#1. Do the people at Nut Island represent a cohesive team? The team from Nut Island had the potential to accomplish great things. They were a very cohesive team. Cohesiveness relates to the degree to which members are attracted to and motivated to remain part of that team. A cohesive group member values his or her membership and strives to maintain a positive relationship within the group. Every person working at Nut Island wanted to be there and would not let anything get in the way of their team. When looking at only the cohesiveness of a team, Nut Island would be a good example. They worked together and enjoyed what they did at the sewage plant. Employees worked overtime without being paid for it and without complaining. They…show more content…
All of their efforts to stay cohesive did not matter because they were not doing the job they set out to do. (b.) The employees at Nut Island formed a very cohesive group, but their cohesiveness contributed to their problems. They worked together and were able to all conform to a set of norms. This group though was following the wrong set of norms. A highly cohesive group following a negative set of performance norms has the least amount of success. They are working together but for the wrong cause. The Nut Island team began following the wrong set of norms when they request for funds for maintenance on equipment was denied. They were told to "get rid of the dandelions." He was more worried about the outside appearance than the inner workings of the plant and what the employees had to deal with. The team began to feel isolated and was not able to trust others outside of their group. Later on the plant 's four engines shut down. Management had refused to give them money to maintain the engines, and they were waiting for something to go wrong. This incident united the team even more around a common adversary – management. Their "enemy" should not have been people within their own company. The team lost sight of the goal they were supposed to perform and focused on doing everything themselves. #3. Describe "groupthink" and use it to explain what happened at Nut Island. Groupthink is the tendency of cohesive group members to lose their critical
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