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WELCOME EHR The implementation of the new EMR system to the hospital will provide ease of information access, protected PHI, and help eliminate errors in our everyday use. IMPORTANCE OF INFORMATION ACCESS Benefits Increase quality of care Bedside charting access Ability to access your patients records at one time All information in one place IMPORTANCE OF INFORMATION ACCESS • The implementation of the EHR will open up the employee to gain access to all the patient records available within one system. This includes x-rays, labs, notes, care plans, etc. • With secured passwords available to each employee, the employ is able to review current and past reports to increase the quality of care for that patient. • Accessing the…show more content…
The risk of hackers getting through the firewalls and information encryption is also another disadvantage. QUESTION # 3 What are some of the ways we as employees can keep PHI safe? ANSWER #3 Employees can keep the information safe by minimizing screen when people or passing or when leaving the computer. The employee also should not share their password with anyone at anytime. QUESTION #4 What are some of the ways the manufacturer has implemented to keep PHI safe? ANSWER #4 Manufacturers have created firewalls for the system and created encrypted information making it more difficult for the information to be breeched. QUESTION #5 How does the EHR enhance patient quality of care? ANSWER #5 Implementation of EHR shows improvement of quality of care by the nurses ability to access the patient chart at the bedside, decreasing the risk of wrong patient errors. QUESTION #6 How does the EHR improve the nurses workflow? ANSWER #6 The nurse has the ability to access the patient record at the bedside and have all of the patient information including x-rays, labs, notes at one time. QUESTION #7 What is the advantages of having an implementation team? ANSWER #7 The implementation team are qualified and trained to be experts in the EHR and employees will have access to answer their questions at all times. QUESTION #8 What are some of the fears with implementing a new HER? ANSWER #8 One of the biggest

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