Nutcracker Arrest Time

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NUTCRACKER 1ST TIME On my way to Nutcracker to do my part of a castle page. I was so excited but so nervous about Nutcracker. Singing the music in my head. My parents were reassuring me. They were telling me you will do great. When I got there I had to sign in. Then I saw my fellow pages whose names were Little Lauren,Crazy Cassidy,Makeup Me,Kalm Kaitlyn,Kool Kathryn, and Marvelous Mackenzie. We went to warm-up. Which was so boring. But when we went up-stairs it was all fun. We had to wait in the hallway because the party girls went during first act and we went during the second act. We played games and talked and drew things. One time we said “let's practice all together.” After the Party Girls left we got to go into the dressing room
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