Nutcracker Surprise Essay

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Nutcracker surprise

Wow! My eyes popped out. So this was ballet. The beautiful and gracefulness of the dancers. Of how the worker together as a team, but still shine bright as an individual. From when the first performer stepped out to the bows, I knew I wanted to dance like that. I like the way the dancers was up there, and they looked fearless and they me feel fearless and confident. It was like a little secret that was calling my name and I had to be a dancer so I could be part of that secret. When the nutcracker was finished, my friend stepped out and then we high fived, and told him that he did good job. Then it was time to go home and in the car my mom asked me if I wanted to learn how to dance. Of course I told her yes. I knew that next year that was going to be me up there on stage, dancing my heart out.
For the next year, I worked harder than anyone else in my class.My teacher was really impressed with me, so she moved me up to level one. I was filled with glee from head to toe. When it started to move to the winter seasons, I knew that this was it, my first nutcracker. When our teacher announced that the whole class going to try out for the nutcracker, practically everyone was jumping for joy. There was only one problem and only one part. We all want to be clara. We all knew that one
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Then we waited for everyone to get here and she started to put us in our rooms where we wait for our number. Our teacher thought that we were old enough to stay backstage right behind the curtain . It was also because she didn’t have enough room and we were the second oldest kids. We all thought that we were the luckiest kids in the whole theater because we got to watch every single performance. When the final rehearsal started I started to feel nerves get to me. After the rehearsals our teacher told us to get into are first dance numbers
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