Nutmeg Research Paper

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Nutmeg is a wonderful spice, not only to cook with, but is helpful in many physical conditions today. Nutmeg has been used in many popular baked, sweet dishes such as pies and cakes. It is also popularly used in dishes such as stir fried rice and vegetables. It is a favorite in drinks such as apple cider and egg nogg. What are some other uses of this wonderful spice for medical conditions? Nutmeg history and uses Nutmeg comes from the seeds of the Myristica genus and is found nearly worldwide. It was one of the highly desired spices that was popular during the spice trade between the East and Europe. Nutmeg is said to be good for treatment of toothaches and arthritis. Mixed with honey, it is also helpful in easing gastric problems. When applied to the skin, it is…show more content…
One ounce of mozzarella cheese shredded is 72 calories, less than 1 gram of carbohydrate, and 6 grams of protein. Fat content total is 4.51. This cheese type gives us both calcium, and phosphorus, which are both bone building nutrients. Calcium in mozzarella cheese is 183.06 milligrams in a serving, and phosphorus is 131.26 milligrams in one serving. Phosphorus helps the calcium in our bodies to process better. Calcium not only helps to build up bone mass, but it also is instrumental in helping proper blood clotting formation along with proper functioning of the nerves and muscles. Within a serving of this cheese type is iodine, another extremely important nutrient. Iodine is supportive of thyroid functioning, and it also plays a role in the health of both our teeth, hair, and skin. Iodine also kills toxins in the body as well as helping the body to properly process fats. Iodine in a serving of low-fat mozzarella is 10.09 micrograms. Vitamin A is a part of this food as well. It is in this cheese at 135 IU. Vitamin A helps in the fighting off of
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