Nutmeg in Grenada, The Many Sides of Black Gold Essay

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Nutmeg – The Many Sides of Black Gold
There is something found in this particular island that can be used to flavour and prepare certain foods, used in several medical remedies and also be used as psychoactive drug. With these uses only a sample of the overall uses, it is no surprise that in Grenadians refer to this as ‘Black Gold.’ It is so important to this particular country, that if it wasn’t for a few natural disasters, Grenada will still have its place among the top producers of this product, number two to be specific. I am sure that all the Grenadians in this class have figured out to what I am referring, if you haven’t yet it is none other than the ‘Nutmeg’. Good afternoon Mr Charles, T.A.’s and fellow classmates, my purpose today
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Also according to the British Herbal Pharmacopoeia, a respected guide to alternative medicine, nutmeg has been proven to improve such conditions as rheumatism, nausea, diarrhoea and has other therapeutic applications. This is evident in the medicated spray ‘Nutmed’ produced locally in Grenada, whose main ingredients include none other than the nutmeg. This spray is used to relieve joint pains, muscle pains and other aches associated with arthritis.
Now for the side of nutmeg of which I’m sure most of you were not aware. Did you know that nutmeg can be considered a drug due to the effects it has on the human mind? Nutmeg contains the psychoactive ingredient myristicin, which belongs to the deliriant drug family. Due to the presence of this ingredient, a tablespoon of fresh ground nutmeg can indeed get you high! But warning, this is not any normal high. A high off of nutmeg can range from a mild high similar to marijuana to a crazy ‘trip’ coupled with auditory and visual hallucinations, closed-eye visuals and shifts in perception. It possible for a person to still feel the effects of a nutmeg high after as much as five days. With all this is mind, it is fair to say that nutmeg is not something to play with.
Now that you have seen the many sides of the nutmeg, I am sure you all will appreciate its mystery and power. I am sure you have a new found respect for the nutmeg

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