Nutrical Case study Essay

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NF100 Case #1 Profile: Patient: Female Age: 52 years old Height: 5’6 Weight 200 lbs Activity level: Sedentary Blood pressure: 130/80 LDL cholesterol: 190 mg/dl HDL cholesterol: 30 mg/dl Case history: This patient is concerned about her risk for colon cancer. Her father had colon cancer and she is consulting you to design a diet that would reduce her risk for this disease. 1. What is her BMI? (Show your calculation—4pts) What is the significance of her BMI? (3 pts) Is there a relationship between her BMI and risk for colon cancer? (3 pts) a. (200lbs x703)/66 inches^2 = 32.277 rounded to 32. b. The significance of her BMI is used for the estimation of weight that is associated with health and longevity. It is…show more content…
Also limiting desserts and sweets to two or three times a week in small portions. n. receiving an appropriate amount of calcium and vitamin D may be able to assist in lowering the risk of colon cancer. 4. Is her LDL cholesterol level at a healthy range? (2 pts) If not, what dietary changes can she make to lower her level? (what foods should she increase and/or decrease to help lower this level). (2 pts per appropriate dietary category) o. Her LDL cholesterol level is 190mg/dl this it considered a very high cholesterol level. The optimum LDL level, according the American Heart Association, is less than 100mg/dl. p. dietary changes to assist in lowering her LDL level are: i. There needs to be a change from the refined carbohydrates, such as donut, and switched to whole-grained carbohydrate alternative such as wholegrain toast. ii. A decrease of candy bars for snack and changing it to eating fruits instead as the fiber from the fruit benefits to reduce LDL levels iii. A decrease of corn chips and potato chips with an increase of 5-9 servings of vegetables a day can assist to reduce LDL level iv. Decrease the amount of beef in a meal with an increase of alternatives such as chicken breast or wild, cold water fish. 5. Is her HDL cholesterol level at a healthy range? (2 pts) If not, what dietary patterns and/or lifestyle changes can be incorporated to improve this level. (2 pts per appropriate dietary category) q. Her HDL cholesterol level is

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