Nutrition 251, And It Focuses On The Principles Of Nutrition

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I have recently been taking a course in college called Nutrition 251, and it focuses on the principles of nutrition. In this class, I had to read a book from Michael Pollan called In the Defense of Food. As I read, I could not help but remember all the things I have eaten. Pollan explains how food changed over the years in the US and goes into great detail in how the industrialization of our food has impacted our ways of eating, poisoning us with refined and processed foods. Reading Pollan’s work made me realize that the food we eat is not actually food. Back then, food was grown and not scientifically engineered to provide humans with the nutrition we need. This book and course gave me a lot of reasons why we, as a family, should be more…show more content…
He built upon Prout’s discovery and stated that the mystery of animal nutrition has been solved. Liebig proposed that one did not need meat in their diet to survive. After declaring that, doctors began to see that babies and sailors that followed his rule did not survive healthily. Pollan also stated that “it seems to be a rule of nutritionism that for every good nutrient, there must be a bad nutrient” (Pollan 30). After reading his idea, I realized that it is comparative to life and how I view people. There is always something bad in good people. The second section of Pollan’s work introduced me to the western diet and the diseases of civilization. This section really opened up my eyes on how we eat. For instance, Pollan stated that “immigrants from nations with low rates of chronic disease seemed to quickly acquire them” (Pollan 92). After acknowledging that piece of information I could not help but think of us. We are from a country that eats mostly home cooked meals, low fat diets, and eating healthy. Before we came to the US, I could not remember of a time that we went to a fast food place to eat. We would usually eat home cooked meals or go to a restaurant for special occasions. Now, I eat fast food on a daily basis and I am worried about my own health. Ever since I came to college, I have not gotten a home cooked meal since a month ago and that was only when I went back home over the weekend. I think that if I was to go back

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