Nutrition : An Important Aspect For The Health Of Elderly

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Nutrition is an important aspect for the health and wellbeing of all people especially the elderly because it affects their aging process. Malnutrition is affecting many of the older population. Older people most commonly have reduced appetite and reduced energy expenditure which is added to many other physiological changes that occur at their age group. Malnutrition is a major issue in older people and its rates is increasing as time passes. Many old people are classed as malnourished and are attended to hospitals. Malnutrition especially in this population is often underdiagnosed and this is exactly why Nutritional Assessment is very important in order to identify and treat patients that are at risk. Undernourishment can cause many health problems that could easily be prevented with the proper nutrition. Malnutrition can be reversed if it was addressed early.


Malnutrition in elderly individuals is usually underdiagnosed and the prevalence of malnutrition among elderly has increased in nursing homes.

Significance of the Problem:

It is important to improve the health of elderly and identify malnutrition and manage it in order to improve the health of older people in the community.


The purpose of this research is to identify malnutrition at early stages in people who are exposed to it and to manage this problem in people who might be at risk of developing malnutrition.

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