Nutrition : An Important Element Of A Healthy Population

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Introduction Nutrition has a direct impact on the level of economic development in an economy. Food policies are directly related to the level of economic performance. Substantial literature indicates that nutrition directly affects the level of population health in the economy. A healthy population is more economically productive compared to a starving population. Nutritional value directs affect significantly the level of economic development in a nation. This study will mainly focus on the role food in economic performance. The study will greatly focus on the role of healthy population in the driving of an economy. Nutrition is an important element of a healthy population. Education policies are the most influential in the development if the right strategies of the population growth. The objective of the every economy is to ensure food security for its population. Every nation has the objective of developing strategic approaches that are important towards the achievement of food security (Owen, Healy, Matthews & Dunstan, 2010). In developing countries over the years have been faced with nutritional challenges. This has remained to be a major challenged and have called for international supports. Unhealthy population is expensive to maintain. Every nation spends a lot of resources in the development of curative measures in the hospitals. The food shortage in developing countries has proven as a major threat to the development of the nation (Reilly, Hull, Albert,
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