Nutrition And Health : Freedom From Hunger And Malnutrition

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Nutrition & Health
Freedom from hunger and malnutrition is a basic human right and their alleviation is a fundamental prerequisite for human and national development. WHO has traditionally focused on the vast magnitude of the many forms of nutritional deficiency, along with their associated mortality and morbidity in infants, young children and mothers. However, the world is also seeing a dramatic increase in other forms of malnutrition characterized by obesity and the long-term implications of unbalanced dietary and lifestyle practices that result in chronic disease such as cardiovascular disease, cancer and diabetes.
Although the science of nutrition is relatively young, we know about what nutrients are needed for an adequate diet and what foods provide them. Recent evidence points to poor diet as a risk factor for chronic diseases that are leading causes of adult deaths : heart disease, stroke, hypertension, diabetes and forms of cancer. Not consuming enough nutrients also makes up more likely to suffer consequences of poor nutrition habits in later years, such as bone fractures from the disease osteoporosis. Iron-deficiency anaemia is another possibility. At the same time, taking too much of a nutrient supplement - such as Vitamin A, vitamin D, Vitamin B-6, calcium or copper-can be harmful. Another dietary problem, drinking too much alcohol, is associated with cirrhosis of the liver, some forms of cancer, accidents, and suicides. All of these consequences of modern…
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